I grew up traveling in an RV and the national parks were among my first loves. At the age of 14, I had my first real back country experience on Outward Bound in North Carolina. Throughout high school we spent many weekends in a tent in the parks in Indiana and I continued to introduce friends to the outdoors during college and my early 20s. After graduating college, I traveled with NOLS on a Himalayan backpacking trip.

As I worked on establishing the my adult life (house, career, spouse, etc.) I lost touch with my love of the outdoors for a bit. In 2009, my fiancé and I finally took a grand camping trip to Yellowstone. The following decade involved annual trips to national parks. In 2013, we began regular camping and hiking weekends. By 2016, I decided to start recording our trips with a blog.

At the time, we camped exclusively in our tent, which we loved. Therefore, the obvious name for our blog was “All In Tents”. We spent lots of weekends within a few hours of home.

In 2015 we rented a truck camper in Alaska. It was such a great trip and I started day-dreaming about owning a camper. I spent a couple years camper shopping.

2017 was a big year as I enrolled in the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist program to learn more about the world around me. Then I took the dive and bought a camping trailer. We were no longer tent camping. In fact, our camping became “Less in Tents”. The trailer promptly became “Les”.

In 2018, life changed again when Blue wandered into our campsite and became my soul-dog.

Lots of life changes have happened since then. I’m still out there – learning about nature and trailering and trying to share my experiences via blog.

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