White Oak Campground

There are times I hesitate to share information about a campground, because it is just such a wonderful, secluded space and White Oak Campground at Oak Openings Preserve is just such a space. This small campground has 8 sites plus 2 group sites.

Reasons why White Oak Campground is amazing:

  1. Crowds – I can’t vouch for all weekends, but there was only one other group camping each night we were there.
  2. Flush toilets in clean bathrooms.


3. A dishwashing station.


4. Trails that leave right from the campground.




On our second evening a ranger road through on a gator to ask if we needed more wood. Heaven!


But I must caution this campground may not be for everyone.

  1. This campground is tents only. No trailers allowed.
  2. This is a metropark, so busy roads pass nearby. We didn’t find it distracting, but we did hear cars and see headlights all night long.
  3. You must make reservations in advance. 
  4. There is no parking at the campsites and a few of the sites are a distance for where the designated parking is located. For this reason, I would pick sites 1 or 2 the next time we are up there.


The fees for camping are $20 per night. A bit pricy, but we felt the free firewood provided more than adequate value. It was chilly night so we definitely got our money’s worth!

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