We did it!

On June 4 we finally achieved our long-held goal of accepting the Twin Valley Trail Challenge. This event is put on by a group of volunteers and it is truly an amazing venture. We accepted the challenge for all 27.5 miles. There we three water/food stops along the route (one is encountered twice). Two stops were well-stocked with water, Gatorade, chips, granola bars, and apples/bananas. Cold water and naturalists were available at the nature center. Additionally, cases of water were left in the neighborhood for hikers around mile 24.

Honestly, the experience was a blur. It is probably better to tell the story in pictures.

We may have brought a little too much food.
Getting ready to go. Look how fresh and naive.
Approaching the registration area a little after 6:00am.
Ready to hit the trail!
At the first rest stop. “How many more miles do we have to do?!?!?”
Ted getting to know Ruby at the nature center.
This was either mile 11 or mile 20. They all blur together.
Looking better than we feel at the finish line.
Ted named this my “butt blister”. I was very relieved it didn’t pop on the trail.
At least until next year.

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