Less In Tents

We caved.

Our first real camping trip as a couple was Yellowstone in 2009. We began to camp obsessively in 2013.

We have camped in rain, wind, heat, and cold. We have braved bears, lightening, mosquitoes, and sketchy campers.

But in all these years there have been times we have cancelled trips because of conditions. We anxiously watch the weather in summer and winter, hoping for temps we can tolerate. In the spring we do dances to the rain gods in the hopes we won’t be washed out. If only we could be guaranteed a warm, dry spot to sleep, we would be fine with most of what Mother Nature has to offer…

Finally, we decided life is too short to waste waiting for good weather. Introducing…

Our Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2109s!


It has a lovely kitchen, short queen bed, refrigerator, freezer, sofa, oven, shower – all the comforts of a home on wheels!


We are so excited to have many adventures in our new trailer. We will miss our tent, but will always keep a piece of our camping roots. That’s why we are naming it Less In-Tents.

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