Joe Steak

There is a maxim that everything tastes better when it is cooked outdoors. Nothings proves this law more than simply cooking good meat over an open fire.

One of the favorite meals in our camping rotation is known simply as “Joe Steak”. Late one night around the campfire, Uncle Joe pulled steaks from his cooler and treated us all to this simple delicacy.

This two ingredient “recipe” is simple and quick. Start with a good, lean cut of beef. We like a New York strip best. We often enjoy a flank or hanger steak, but not for this. The good news is a little Joe Steak goes a long way, so a single steak should easily feed two people.

Slice the raw steak across the grain into about 3/4 inch wide pieces. Season generously with garlic salt.

Thread the steak slices onto a campfire fork. Two strips fit easily, but be careful not to crowd them. The secret to good Joe Steak is all of the caramelized bits. Unlike marshmallows, Joe Steak cooks best in the flames of the campfire.

Once you have a good char on the steak, remove the strips from the fork and enjoy! We enjoy a few bites of steak, eat some sides, then go back for more. We especially love adding bacon-wrapped potatoes and a chopped salad.

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