Red River

Because we can never have too many ways to explore the great outdoors, we have added more toys to our garage – kayaks! Figuring out how to transport the kayaks with the trailer still leaves a bit to be desired. We have learned they DO fit inside the trailer, but that doesn’t mean they should. It’s a solution for now.

We have explored the Red River Gorge in many ways over the years, but have never really experienced the namesake of the Gorge. When I lived in the area in the 90’s I remember the river being a dumping ground for decades of trash. Antique farm equipment mingled with recent beer cans. But it seems the area has recently embraced the economic value of the area’s natural beauty and made a concerted effort to clean up the river.

In our recent trips, we have seen people floating down the river as we hiked or drove above them. Since we only had the one truck, we opted to pay Red River Adventure to shuttle us for $20 a piece. Also, we kind of forgot to pack our paddles, so they were kind enough to let us borrow some for the trip – we definitely prefer to kayak with paddles.


Red River Adventure helped us load kayaks and took a full van to the drop in point at Copperas Creek canoe launch near the KY 715 bridge. Our driver was entertaining and fun on the short trip.

We really enjoyed the peace and solitude of the river, once we paddled away from the group.

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