Dog Slaughter Falls

The Dog Slaughter Falls trail consistently ranks among the top trails in Kentucky. On our last trip to Cumberland Falls, we tried to reach Dog Slaughter from the Visitors Center – about 5 miles each way. The mid-June 90º weather was not on our side and we gave up about halfway in favor of the watermelon in the cooler and a trip to the pool.

This time, we approached from Forest Service Road 195, a thoroughly rutted and pot-holed dirt road off of KY-90. The first trailhead is .8 miles down the road, but I strongly suggest continuing another 2 miles to the second trailhead. From there, the falls are a little under 1.5 miles.

dog slaughter falls

The trail immediately crosses a bridge to the other side of Dog Slaughter Creek and follows the creek the entire route. It is a lush trail that was still plenty green in mid-October.

Most of the trail was level, with occasional dips and rises over boulders or into gullies.

The trail ends in a relatively steep descent to the falls which are incredibly picturesque.

cumberland falls-1-6

cumberland falls-1-5

This was a great hike with a high payoff for a relative little amount of work. We did have two slight scares. I somehow managed to lose my phone, but kind hikers behind us found it and were nice enough to return it. The second incident happened to be cause on camera.


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