Cumberland Falls State Park

Cumberland Falls bills itself as the “Niagara of the South” and the falls are certainly impressive – 65 feet high and 125 feet wide. It is also known as one of only two places in the world to view a moonbow. On a clear night, around the time of the full moon, a faint glow can be seen in the mist at the foot of the falls. Of course the attraction draws quite a crowd in the summer. On our first trip to the region, we were wedged into a tiny tent site in the campground and watched the moonbow with hoards of others. But this fall weekend we got to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere.


The campground is certainly only open to tents, pop-ups, and the smallest of trailers. Only 21 of the sites are available for RVs. I most recommend sites 9-27 along the ridge for their proximity to the woods, but be warned that the site lengths are firm. We were in site 12 which Reserve America claims at 23 feet. Our 21 foot 9 inch trailer barely made it in the spot. It is also worth noting the road is very narrow so backing into the shallow spots becomes even trickier. We gave up on getting straight and lived with being on an angle for the weekend.


Fortunately, the sites are pretty far apart and have plenty of sitting space.img_9708

The bathrooms and camp store were under construction, but still clean and decent.

Electric and water was available at the sites, but like many Kentucky State Park campgrounds, the posts are shared between sits and require a long cord and hose to reach if you end up with certain sites. Overall, it was a great weekend to enjoy the fall weather!

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